Welcome back for our 7th year of bringing your worst fears to reality! Our century-old abandoned warehouse is one of southeastern Wisconsin's most complex haunted attractions! The fear you will endure may be grounds for calling you a hearse for being scared to death!

Ever wonder how it would be to experience a zombie apocalypse? With our NEW Zombie Laser Tag Adventure "Zombie Massacre," you will experience it first hand! We put you in a house equipped with guns, ammo and all supplies needed to survive! #1 rule... GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU! Go head to head with another team to see whose house will be the last standing and who will end up infected!

We have INDOOR waiting facilities!

Devil's Nightmare has the most in your face creative scares you will only experience here! Everything from zombies, psychopaths or maybe even a creature from Mars! Every evil, undead entity dwells here, waiting for your helpless soul to pay them a visit.

You will need courage to endure our second haunt Blind Madness. Feel your way through this completely pitch dark maze, which will lead you in circles of confusion and wretched beings as you find your way to safety... or not at all!

For those of you craving more, we also have The Last Ride interactive coffin. Experience a wild ride from the morgue to your burial. Your final resting chamber will be a REAL coffin, in which you will lie while two crazed grave diggers take you on a journey!

Don't miss out on the BEST haunted attraction in the greater Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha areas!

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